White women's Porsche Racing tee​
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Women's Racing Tee

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A stylish outfit should always be an expression of your own personality. This doesnt just apply to people: at Porsche, it also applies to racing cars. Indeed, Porsche Motorsport has well and truly taken this maxim to heart, as the paintwork on the companys four-wheeled elite athletes categorically shows. With their clear lines and uncompromisingly sporty looks in black, white, red and grey, the 919 Hybrid and 911 RSR energise racetracks from Le Mans all the way to Shanghai, inspiring fans around the world. The Racing Collection picks up on this unmistakable look, taking it into the grandstands and beyond. With its casual, sporty fashion pieces and sophisticated accessories, it is transfused with the spirit of what is arguably this seasons fastest design.

Fitted womens T-shirt with low-cut round neckline
Sporty design
With reflective design elements
95% cotton, 5% elastane

Product Code: WAP45200L0H