Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement
Reference to “Porsche Group” in this Customer Information Form includes Dr. Ing h. c. F. Porsche AG, Porsche Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd, Porsche Services Singapore Pte Ltd, Stuttgart Auto Pte Ltd, Porsche Centre Singapore, and their related corporations. Data protection has always been a top priority at Porsche Group. We will be collecting your personal data and information (e.g. contact information, calculation data, profession, interests) in the course of your relationship with us. We ask for your consent that your personal data and information may be:

1) Merged with other data maintained within the Porsche Group;
2) Transferred by the Porsche Group to organisations which provide administration services to the Porsche Group, such as data storage, processing, security, and maintenance services; and
3) Collected, disclosed, and used by the Porsche Group for the purposes of the Porsche Customer Care Program, and to a) provide you with tailored personalised services especially catered for you; b) to provide you with information and materials which may be relevant or considered by the Porsche Group to be useful to you; c) perform analyses, such as segmentation and market share analyses; and d) manage and administer programs intended for your benefit, such as customer satisfaction surveys and marketing and promotional events with third parties who offer certain products and services for customers of Porsche Group.

You may, at any time, withdraw your consent by notifying us at The withdrawal of consent will only take effect one month after the date of your notification and until the withdrawal takes effect, Porsche Group may continue to collect, disclose, and use your personal data and information for the purposes mentioned above.


I consent to the collection, use, and disclosure of my personal data and information as described above. I agree that Porsche Group may contact me by mail, email, and via the phone number(s) that I have provided. By signing hereunder, I confirm that I have read, understood, and consent the collection, use, disclosure, and processing of my personal data by Stuttgart Auto Pte Ltd, its related corporations and affiliates (collectively “Eurokars Group”) and their authorised service providers and relevant third parties, in accordance with the purposes set out in the Eurokars Group Data Protection Policy available at or made available to me upon request, for the purposes of processing my purchases on this website and purposes related thereto.

I also request for and consent to the collection, use, or disclosure of my personal data (including where applicable my Singapore telephone numbers) by Stuttgart Auto Pte Ltd, its related corporations and affiliates (collectively, "Eurokars Group") and its business partners and marketing partners for the purpose of sending me marketing and promotional material about products and services, benefits, promotions, and rewards, or to identify products or services which may be relevant to me, via Post, Email, Phone Call or SMS. 
I confirm and agree that leaving any of the fields above blank will not be treated as a withdrawal of any other consent(s) that I may have previously provided to the Eurokars Group for the purposes stated above.